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Talking to the top designers in the world has never been easier, and still, many people do not take advantage of the opportunity.

I was finishing a very successful networking session with many designers worldwide without leaving my bedroom.
I was finishing a very successful networking session with many designers worldwide without leaving my bedroom. That is legen… wait for it… dary.

I hate to admit it: Networking is vital for your professional development. For a long time, I used to live under Steve Martin’s mantra, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” …

Put all your chips on timeless human needs.

Some things will never change regardless of the technology. Sadly you will never get a flying car. Image from “Back to the Future II” — Universal

The way we imagine the future is a social contract. Every generation has a way to describe it and agreed on what is about to come. Our grandparents imagined going to work in their flying cars, using personal jetpacks instead of bicycles, and widespread commercial supersonic travel (RIP the Concord)…

How to become an inflection point and be the creator of the experiences we all deserve to live.

We need a better crystal ball to predict the future.
We need a better crystal ball to predict the future—photo by Mitya Ivanov.

If you are a User Experience Designer, you can almost rephrase your profession as a creator of the experiences somebody else is meant to live.

This year is full of experiences. I do not think anybody wanted or was ready to design. In some areas, things had changed so quickly…

The most frightening mythological monsters in UX Design.

Very scary developers drinking mild and designers tears.
Very scary developers drinking designers’ tears.

This Halloween season has so many real things to be worried about. I find more solace in thinking about the imaginary monsters that keep UX designers awake at night than watching the news.

If you asked me, I would prefer to finding a hungry zombie under my bed than a…

Make your ideas visible; it is hard to see them if they are only in your head.

A completed misaligned product vision by an incoherent team
Congratulations, your design team took six months and half a million dollars to draw a Frankenstein-horse! Time to pop open that champagne! You earn it.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? Flying, super strength, adamantium claws? I would choose to be absolutely obvious.

I know it does not sound as cool as super-speed, and it has less potential to be used for world domination. Still, as a UX Designer, it would…

The beauty of user experience is elevated by its impermanence.

Sand mandala representing the impermanence of everything in life.
Sand mandalas and digital product design have a lot in common—image from Wikipedia.

The bright yellow colours of October are the most beautiful notification warning. Gusts of cold wind pull leaves from their branches, inviting them to dance around my driveway while making a cascading sound. I am in my home office redesigning the fifth version of a flow for a project that…

When abuse and harassment are masked as design critique.

Feedback does not need to hurt
Is this design review is aiming to be brutally honest or just brutal?

As designers, it is necessary to consider how feedback is given if we are expected to present our work early and often routinely. Some ill-intentioned comments may be given a pass in the name of radical candour and brutal honesty. Freedom of expression does not mean we should tolerate abuse.

Are you looking for skills, knowledge, wisdom… or credentials?

Your education is a path to entering the UX design world, but it is easy to get lost in it.
There are so many options to learn design, and so little time — Original painting “Apelles Campaspe” by Willem van Haecht (II).

Most academic institutions focus too much on specific design skills but tend to forget other important professional development areas. A partial education is better than nothing but puts a lot of pressure on young designers to fill those gaps quickly.

If you give a man a fish, he will eat…

Luis Berumen Castro

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